Saturday, 20 October 2012


This outfit is based around the amazing silk kaftan/cape I recently purchased. I wore this outfit for work and had the opportunity to snap some pictures to share with you all. I matched the kaftan with my lime top, white skirt, and rose gold belt and wore my flatforms for comfort and height. I love how the pink and lime result in an orange colour.  
Hoping your weekend has been as bright and happy as my colourful kaftan :)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Jean Junkie

It may not be obvious through my blog but I am total jean junkie. I have more pairs than I can count, and sometimes they are somewhat under-appreciated... I pop them on when I am in a rush or just to laze in, but rarely use them to dress an outfit up. Deciding to change that, I put this outfit together. I used my olive dress shirt in a more relaxed form by undoing the collar, rolling the sleeves up, and knotting the shirt instead of tucking it in. I matched the top with green heels which compliments my skin tone. 
P.s. Since my last post I have had my hair in many ways but didn't get the opportunity to snap some pictures, so apologies for the repetitive hair-bun.