Monday, 26 August 2013

All black err'thang!

Leather pants, leather cap, pleather bag, wool top, and leather snake skin heels... yep that's a lot of leather for one outfit, but it's winter.. so like they say YOLO! (yep i actually said yolo in a blog post lol)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Back in Bordeaux

I realised I have been wearing alot of black during winter, so I decided to add some colour to this outfit with the shade bordeaux. I matched the top with some tie-dye printed jeans and my amazing Alexander McQueen boots! For accessories I opted for rose gold toned jewels and simple makeup. I can't wait to add more colour to my wardrobe knowing that spring is only a few weeks away :)

Monday, 22 April 2013


The weather was somewhat perfect for taking pictures this weekend after work. One of my childhood friends came with me to take these pics... forgetting she is somewhat of a chicken when it comes to dogs, she ran straight to car at the sight of some unleashed dogs behind me, leaving me all alone with my wedged boots to defend myself... and since dogs can apparently sense fear and because of her panic mode I too started following her - good times lol. I would have to say avoid running in wedges if you can help it! 

Anyways on to the outfit: These sick snake skin printed jeans were too good not to purchase! The second favourite piece from this outfit is my leather cap - so soft and fits perfectly. You may have already seen these boots in the post Neon Touch.  I really hope this tran-seasonal weather remains for a little longer, I don't think I am quite ready for winter yet! 

Monday, 1 April 2013


Not long ago a few friends and I went out for a birthday dinner by the river. Knowing that the weather can be a little chilly by the water, I decided to wear my Karl Lagerfeld camo jacket.  I matched the jacket with my denim shorts and olive heels. The camo print is actually made up of Karl's faces - pretty rad if you ask me! 
On another note: unfortunately with uni and the psycho weather, I have not been able to snap pictures lately (kinda impossible to leave the house when it is constantly raining). But, no more excuses as the sun is finally back and various parcels have arrived with new and exciting pieces that I cannot wait to share!
Ciao for now.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


This is my spin on an effortless and casual day look. If I could wear jeans all day every day I probably would, especially these rad camo ones that I paired with my baroque printed t-shirt.  Finding this perfect black cap reminded me of my childhood days where I used to not only wear caps every single day but collect limited edition caps, particularly Nike ones. I think it is safe to say I no longer collect caps, conversely I do own a lot of shoes though - lol!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


The temperamental nature of the Brisbane weather which includes scorching humid days followed by storms and rain actually worked out in my favour and provided me with the opportunity to wear my Kenzo jumper. I matched the jumper with an orange asymmetrical hemline skirt and cut out boots which I have been wearing nearly every day! 

Thursday, 13 December 2012


Hello Blogosphere. I have been absent for the past few weeks due to uni finals, but I am back and finally on holidays! Thought I would update my blog with some recent pics I took while on a shopping expedition. The weather has been a bit schizophrenic in Brisbane, thus the reason behind this outfit.  I wore stretchy/comfortable acid-wash jeans with a detailed and edgy crochet top, and cut-out boots that are perfect for walking all day. Ciao for now.